It’s been a while since my last post… working in schools means I take a lot of the holidays off and spend time with my family.  School budgets are also tight this year so the major AV installs I have done in previous years haven’t happened.

I have had a very busy summer in my role as director at Monkey Park CIC however…

Community Footpaths around Brampton Primary School

The first project I was involved in was the installation of an asphalt footpath around the perimeter of Brampton Primary School.

The new surface replaces a muddy unadopted walkway, providing local residents with a much needed wheelchair and pushchair accessible shortcut to the school and local shops.  Alongside my fellow directors at Monkey Park, we worked with Derbyshire County Councillor Ron Mihaly who invested £16,000 of his community priority fund money on the project.

Here’s a couple of photos showing how the footpath used to look and the other showing the works in progress.

Before work commenced
During the project

It was a pleasure to work with Cllr Mihaly on this important project. Monkey Park is not just a community cafe. We believe in bringing people together to create a better Brampton, and this is just one example of what we can achieve when we work together.

Pictured: Left to Right Kevin Walker, Director of Monkey Park CIC (with his children), Derbyshire County Councillor Ron Mihaly and Local Resident Lisa.

Planter Building Workshop & Community Planters

My second summer project was building wooden planters for the local community.  Through my Twitter contacts, I was able to source free wood from Howarth Timber and screws from Protrade

On 18/19 September we held a workshop at Inspire Community Garden where we worked with a number of volunteers to build fruit, veg and flower planters which we will eventually placed around Brampton and outside Monkey Park.

Timber being delivered by Howarth Timber
Some of the screws which were kindly donated by Protrade
Kevin busy assembling the planters
Ed from Bear Gardens busy chopping the wood
Simon from Monkey Park building the sides of a planter
Carl from Inspire Community Garden fastening a center batten
Some of the completed planters waiting to be lined

If you would like to get involved with any of our community projects, please get in touch!