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The 2022 changes to Keeping Children Safe in Education has introduced a number of factors affecting IT.

Paragraph 141 includes two additions:

Schools should:

Ensure their school or college has appropriate filtering and monitoring systems in place and regularly review their effectiveness’

‘Ensure that the leadership team and relevant staff have an awareness and understanding of the provisions in place and manage them effectively and know how to escalate concerns when identified’

We work on behalf of schools to monitor and maintain filtering services on their behalf.
To block or unblock a website, please raise a support ticket.

Paragraph 144 is around Cyber Security and states:

Education settings are directly responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate level of security protection procedures in place in order to safeguard their systems, staff and learners and review the effectiveness of these procedures periodically to keep up with evolving cyber-crime technologies.

We offer a number of Cyber Security services to schools to help them comply with this requirement.  Click on the links below for more information: