From a single piece of software to a trolley full of laptops, we can help your school with any software installation requirements.

We can upgrade all of your systems to the latest version of Windows or ensure all of your devices are running the latest updates from Microsoft, Google, Adobe etc.

The effective management and implementation of system updates and patches across your school is essential to ensure security of your systems and compliance with Cyber Essentials.

We can help you ensure that all devices and software are not vulnerable to known security issues for which fixes are available.

Vulnerabilities are regularly discovered in all sorts of software. Once discovered, malicious individuals or groups move quickly to misuse (or ‘exploit’) vulnerabilities to attack computers and networks in organisations with these weaknesses.

To comply with Cyber Essentials, schools need to ensure that all in scope software is kept up to date. All software must be:

  • licensed and supported
  • removed from devices when it becomes un-supported
  • have automatic updates enabled where possible
  • updated within 14 days of an update being released, where:
    • The update fixes vulnerabilities described by the vendor as ‘critical’ or ‘high risk’
    • The update addresses vulnerabilities with a CVSS v3 score of 7 or above

For optimum security and ease of implementation it is strongly recommended (but not mandatory) that all released updates be applied within 14 days.   We recommend this time period so updates can be widely tested before being implemented.

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