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Welcome to our CIDR to IP Range Converter tool! This tool is designed to help you easily convert a CIDR notation (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) into a range of IP addresses. To use the tool, simply enter the IP address and the prefix length in the provided fields. For example, if you enter “” as the IP address and “24” as the prefix length, the tool will calculate the starting and ending IP addresses for the given CIDR block. Once you click the “Convert” button, the results will be displayed, showing the first and last IP addresses in the specified range. This can be particularly useful for network administrators and IT professionals who need to manage IP address allocations and subnetting efficiently. Give it a try and see how easy it is to convert CIDR to IP ranges!

If you need to convert an IP address range to a CIDR notation, try our other tool here: IP range to CIDR converter

CIDR to IP Range Converter

CIDR to IP Range Converter

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