Does the thought of your school getting hacked, infected with a virus or suffering a ransomware attack keep you up at night? If it does, (or you’re just looking for better cyber security), we have the answer!

Working with our partners , we provide schools with a fully managed endpoint security system that monitors their network for threats in real time.  This is backed up by a dedicated team of security analysts providing the first line of defence for your school.

Our Cyber Defenders silently monitor all user and kernel activity, so when threats are detected we stop them in their tracks.  We can automatically repair and roll back any damage to your files, unlocking ransomware locked systems and closing infection points to ensure your system’s defences are able to fight off the latest threats.

Most endpoint security solutions require you to recognise and fix any issues flagged by the system yourselves.  With our solution you have a team of dedicated security experts on hand to take care of this for you.

Implementing this solution takes the task of securing and protecting your network off your hands, allowing you to focus on what schools do best – teaching and learning.