Introducing our child-friendly Password Generator, an enhanced version of our popular ‘Three-Random-Words’ generator based on the NCSC concept of using #ThreeRandomWords.   This generator has been designed with additional granular controls and is perfect tool for creating secure passphrases tailored to your specific needs.

This passphrase generator was developed to simplify the process of setting up Pupil Active Directory and M365 accounts, addressing a gap in online resources. It provides adjustable complexity levels to comply with your Group Policy settings, ensuring both security and ease of use for younger users.

Key Features:

  • Granular Controls: Customise the length, inclusion of numbers, special characters and hyphens to generate the perfect password.
  • Bulk Export: Generate multiple passwords at once and export them to a CSV file for convenient management.
  • Child-Friendly: Intuitive and simple to use, making it ideal for educational settings.

Experience a seamless, efficient and secure way to create passphrases with our child-friendly Password Generator!

Password Generator

Min Length: 10

Max Length: 20

Add a Number (minimum length is 12 characters):

Add a Special Character (minimum length is 12 characters):

Add a Hyphen Between the Words (minimum length is 12 characters):

Export Passwords

If you need more than one password, please enter the number of passwords required below and click on the 'Generate Multiple Passwords' button to export a csv file.

Number of Passwords:

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