We’ve partnered with Huntress Labs to offer our schools a powerful suite of device protection, detection and response capabilities.  This is backed by a team of threat hunters who monitor your devices and protect you from the most determined of cyber criminals.

For a long time, cybersecurity focused on preventive measures, using tools like firewalls and antivirus software to scan the legitimacy of data before it enters your IT system.  Attackers are now responding to these preventive measures and are finding unique ways to get through.

By continuously scanning your computer network, looking for suspicious behaviors (such as a file that is named correctly but acting inappropriately), we can monitor and decide if we need to respond before they are able to execute on their malicious plan.

Response involves finding a way to return your systems to normal — this could be as simple as kicking out the attacker by removing malicious software and then looking for any additional bad actors or actions involved.

Or if the bad actor has been able to execute their malicious actions– such as installing ransomware or stealing data from your system (exfiltration)– we need to be able to identify these actions as soon as possible. The sooner we can identify these actions, the sooner we can move into response in order to minimize the damage by rolling out our recovery plan and return to normal.

What’s important for us to remember is that we need prevention, detection and response to give us the best chance at finding attackers.

How does this work?

What we will do is add a piece of software called an agent to your devices.  This agent is extremely lightweight and hidden to your users. You won’t even realize it’s there and it will not slow down your system.

The agent sends signs of suspicious activity to be analyzed by a team of security experts – called a ThreatOps team.

a woman sitting in front of two computer monitors

To protect our schools from new and evolving threats, we offer a managed detection & response (MDR) service.  This added layer of protection is designed to look for hidden threats, that other solutions might miss.

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Schools and small businesses can no longer fly under the radar of cybercriminals.  In fact, they’re being actively targeted because they’re less protected (and more vulnerable) than larger enterprises.

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Our managed detection & response (MDR) service provides the added layer of security you need to stop hackers in their tracks, once they’ve slipped past your traditional anti-virus.