We partner with Bitwarden to offer the “Most Trusted Open Source Password Manager”.

Bitwarden could empower your school to safely store and share sensitive data.

With a transparent, open source approach to password management,  Bitwarden makes it easy for schools to extend robust security practices to all of  their online experiences across any device.

Key Benefits:

Cross-Platform Accessibility:
Bitwarden provides access across all devices to make it simple to integrate across your school.

Zero Knowledge Encryption:
For Vault data, Bitwarden uses AES 256-bit encryption, an industry cryptography standard. For your Master Password, PBKDF2 SHA-256 is used to derive the key that encrypts your Vault data. To read more about Bitwarden security, please visit their security FAQ.

Improved Collaboration:
Ensure your staff and trusted partners have access to the right tools and resources. View event and audit logs to see how information is being accessed.

Flexible Account Management:
Whether we’re managing every aspect of your instance or just getting you up and running, user roles provide schools with lots of flexibility when it comes to how Bitwarden is supported.