Are you worried about your usernames and passwords being leaked on the internet?  Our Dark Web Monitoring service can help.

How would dark web monitoring benefit my school?

Dark web monitoring can benefit your school by helping to protect your network and data from cyber threats such as hacking, identity theft and the sale of stolen data. By monitoring the dark web for any mention of the school’s name, network information, or login details, we can take proactive steps to prevent or mitigate any potential security breaches.

Why you should use our service:

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Prevent compromised

Monitor hacker activity in real time to prevent account takeover attacks using compromised credentials

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Detect identity theft

Scanning the dark web can help identify data theft

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More data available

We can access new and private datasets that other services can not


Our prices are reasonable and some services are free.  We want all schools to feel safe when using the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

The dark web refers to a hidden portion of the internet that can only be accessed using specialized software.  It is often used for illegal activities such as cybercrime, fraud and for publishing the data from security breaches.

The purpose of dark web monitoring is to detect and prevent illegal activities such as cybercrime, fraud and data breaches by monitoring the dark web for mentions of a company or individual’s login information.

Personal information such as login credentials, credit card numbers and National Insurance numbers can be found on the dark web, as well as illegal goods and services.

By monitoring the dark web, a school can detect any mentions of its name or employees’ personal information and take action to prevent further damage to its reputation.

Dark web monitoring can help prevent data breaches by alerting a school to the sale or trade of its sensitive information on the dark web, allowing the school to take steps to secure its systems and prevent further breaches.

Dark web monitoring can detect the sale or trade of personal information on the dark web, allowing individuals to take steps to protect their identity and prevent identity theft.

Dark web monitoring can be integrated into an overall cybersecurity strategy by being used in conjunction with other security measures such as firewalls, antivirus software and staff training.