We’ve recently partnered with DNSFilter to offer schools an alternative to proxy based web filtering.  This provides the same protection to staff and pupils when working off-site as well as in school.

The DfE Cyber Security Standards and Keeping Children Safe in Education both require that filtering is in place and is regularly monitored to ensure it is working.

Some of the benefits of this system are shown below:

Cloud-based protection

DNSFilter is a cloud-based content filtering and security service that provides protection against malware, phishing, ransomware and other cyber threats. With its advanced algorithms, DNSFilter can block inappropriate or harmful websites and ensure that pupils and staff in schools are safe while using the internet.

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Real-time protection

DNSFilter provides real-time threat protection by scanning every URL or IP address requested by any device on the network. This means that even if a user accidentally clicks on a link that could potentially cause harm, DNSFilter will block the connection before any damage can occur. As a result, schools can rest assured that their pupils and staff are safe from malicious websites and attacks.

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Custom policies

DNSFilter allows schools to customise their filtering policies to fit their unique needs. For example, schools can use DNSFilter to block websites that are known to be inappropriate or that contain explicit content. Additionally, schools can block social media sites during school hours to help reduce distractions and improve productivity.

Detailed reporting

DNSFilter provides detailed analytics and reporting, allowing schools to monitor their network traffic and identify any potential threats. Schools can view which websites are being accessed the most, which sites are being blocked, and which devices are requesting the most connections. This information can help schools make informed decisions about their network policies and identify any potential security and safeguarding issues.

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Once set up, DNSFilter can be managed through an intuitive web-based dashboard, allowing schools to easily make changes to their filtering policies and view reports (as required by KCSiE).

DNSFilter provides an effective and easy-to-use solution for schools looking to keep their pupils and staff safe while using the internet. By providing real-time threat protection, customisable filtering policies, detailed analytics, and easy management, DNSFilter is a powerful tool that can help schools create a safe and secure online environment for their staff and pupils.